Thursday, March 19, 2015

Who I Am

You know this is sort of a funny question. It is usually answered by saying, "I have 3 kids, Makenzie, Clara, and Jude. I teach school part time, 6th grade history and 12th grade Government/Economics/Worldview. I do this.... I do that...." but then I think about it and realize I don't think I actually answered the question... who am I. Those are all things I do, and maybe even things that define me... but is it who I am at the core of who God made me?

So who am I?

I am redeemed and delivered, living in total freedom. I am sometimes confused and mixed up, occasionally crazy and fun. I am a person. A person who tries to live life to the fullest and enjoy all it has to offer. I am adventurous and exciting. I am joyful, happy, positive, and encouraging. I can be cranky but only when tired. I can be sarcastic but only when provoked. I can be angry but only once in a while. I am saved through Christ's death on the cross and I am going to heaven. Most of all I am a person with mistakes, imperfections, and problems, yet still loved by Christ. Christ who died for my sins so I could live. I am completely happy with who I am. The me inside. The joyful person willing to do whatever asked and willing to act strange even when people stare (and they do stare sometimes!). Dancing off beat, singing off key, living as if no one is watching when everyone is watching. Being completely crazy, weird, fun, exciting, positive, and adventurous.

This is simply going to be a blog where I share my crazy thoughts about life, being a wife, a mom, teacher, my adventures, and being a child of God. I don't have things figured out by any means, but I am going to be seeking God this year, and relying on him to lead me day by day.

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