Monday, April 6, 2015

I need a workout buddy...

Seriously, I have had a fitness/weight loss goal for over a year now, and I think the biggest reason I haven't reached it is I need a workout buddy. I need someone who will look me in the face and say, "Missed your workout today? Ummm.... NOT acceptable!" And I need someone to say, "Ate a cookie? WHAT?!? That is so not okay! Ate chips and salsa too!?! Get with the program and have some discipline already!" I know not everyone appreciates someone in their face, but if I am going to meet my goal (and not meet it only to within a few months be right back where I started), then I am going to have to be accountable to someone. Sadly, being accountable to myself has not worked.

I really don't enjoy working out, and I am not a runner. I somewhat enjoy biking... but really that's just okay too. I've been contemplating trying to become a runner... and then I remember I really don't like to run... I mean I watch people in the neighborhood run all the time. I am a great runner watcher... there is the guy who is training for the next tough mudder competition, he decided running sounded fun when you mix it with mud and crazy obstacles and its not too intense of a run, more of an intense experience. There is the newlywed couple who runs while staring into each other's eyes, I mean come on, someone is going to get hurt, but I guess if making googly eyes at one another is what gets you to run, good for you. Then, there is the "I have to look like I am sweating and working hard without actually sweating" runner girl, it is all about the looks for her. There is the guy who runs with no shirt and my kids yell, "He's Naked!" whenever we pass him... yeah we are obviously still working on defining those terms at our house. Then there is the trained marathon runner who puts all other runners to shame... and somewhere I think to myself... maybe I could be a runner.... but then I would just become the "wow, look at that crazy girl trying to run" runner. Anyways, I think I could be a runner... if a bear was chasing me.

So, since running is not my thing, and I enjoy biking somewhat, but to get a decent workout on the bike I have to spend like FOREVER riding it, and who has forever when you work and have 3 kids. I have had to come up with some way to get a decent workout in. Thus, the Beachbody home workout has been my go to. And honestly, they aren't bad. Typically it is a 30 minute workout that is super intense and focused to get the maximum results in the minimum amount of time... The problem is... I make so many EXCUSES! I can find so many different ways to get out of doing my workout. I don't wanna wake up early because I stay up so late working, then I don't wanna do it have work because I am trying to make dinner, clean up the kids, homework, bedtimes, etc..... and by the time I have 30 minutes I just want to fall into bed. Or, I'll say, "Oh I'll wait for my husband to work out with me" (I've been waiting 3 months...) and I'll say, "hmmm maybe it would be better to start next week for ___________ (fill in the blank with some lame excuse...). So! I have decided. NO MORE EXCUSES! I am making this week the week I work out everyday, and the week that begins many weeks of working out everyday! I CAN DO IT! (and a little voice inside says, "yeah right!") Which is why I am putting this in writing, no turning back now!

The lack of working out is just one factor in not reaching my fitness/weight loss goals... my eating habits have had a huge affect on the lack of reaching my goals. I generally am a pretty healthy eater... then stress enters my life, and forget all the cortisol stress mumbo jumbo science stuff... I gain weight when I am stressed because I eat junk! I did an amazing job last year for like 3 or 4 months eating amazingly well, and really being disciplined.... and then things got crazy and I sort of just stopped caring, and then life got even crazier, and well now I am back at square one. The biggest reason I did so well was I had to tell someone everything I ate. Well my pride wouldn't let me eat junk because I did not want to admit to having eaten something I knew I shouldn't have. When I don't have to be accountable to anyone slipping a cookie, a bag of chips, a slice of pizza, whatever it is at the moment that I think sounds good is too easy. When I know someone is looking over my shoulder I am so much more likely to follow through with my commitment. (How sad is that right? I mean I should be able to keep myself accountable!) But you know, today alone there were donuts, cookies, chocolate, candy, delicious breads, and more placed in front of me at work, with my kids, and at dinner. It is no wonder I cave in when I am constantly surrounded by things I know aren't good for me to eat. So, it is time to purge the house, (which is hard because I have a husband who eats junk and junk only(I know we are working on it...), and I have kids who occasionally like a treat), and it is time to say NO! This week I am upping the discipline, and I am going to make an effort to have healthy snacks on hand, and avoid temptation of things I know I should say "NO" too.

I say all this because I have a goal I want to reach, but I really want to model for my kids what healthy living is. They need to know that eating junky food is not fueling your body. And they need to know not to eat their problems. I want my kids to know that being physically fit and in shape is important in life to help you live a fuller and happier life where you can do things that want because your body is healthy! And if I continue to not model that for them, they will never make it a priority.

Lastly, I ask you a favor. If you see me this week, say, "Did you work out?" And if you see me reaching for that cookie... well tell me to put that cookie down and walk away! And if you see me running, you better start running too... because there must be something chasing me.

So, who else needs a workout buddy?

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